A wonderful boost to the spirit to receive a beautifully presented package! The specially chosen items all inspire me to take some much needed time for myself. It brings a calmness. It’s good to feel special!

Denise Wilkinson

How It Works


When you subscribe to the monthly Filled With Gold box, you are getting more than your typical self-care products.  Each item has been selected by someone who knows what it’s like to lose the most important person in your life - your spouse, your life partner. 


On or around the beginning of every month, you will receive a “box of support” delivered right to your doorstep filled with high-quality, thoughtful products to help you in moving forward to your next chapter.  From feeling overwhelmed, lost, and alone … to believing in yourself and envisioning a hopeful future ahead.


Get cozy and care for yourself with comfy and compassionate self-care products. 

Are you looking for a gift for a widow? 

We know you are concerned and care about your loved one, but you don't know what to do...

Send flowers? 

(No, flowers die and they don't need any more reminders of death)

Send a plant? 

(No, plants need to be cared for.  A widow has a hard enough time taking care of themselves)

Send food? 

(No, food just goes to waste) 

What a widow really needs is support in nourishing and caring for their self so they may:

Process grief in a healthy way

Avoid numbing the pain with unhealthy habits

Take care of themselves to care for others

Envision a brighter future

Feel joy again

Feel some peace

Gain confidence

The Filled With Gold box is specifically designed to support widows with their self-care in mind.  Each box is filled with deluxe and thoughtful self-care items encouraging deep nourishment for the body and soul.

Make sure to check the "give a gift" box at checkout after you select your subscription length.

Choose a self-care plan

You’ll save more and reap more rewards the longer the plan. All plans include free shipping (excludes AK and HI) and easy cancellations. You just need to cancel before your renewal date.

Month to Month

Order a single box or a month to month subscription. FREE shipping!

3 Month Prepay

Get 3 month's of Filled With Gold boxes. FREE shipping! Save $9!

6 Month Prepay

Get 6 month's of Filled With Gold boxes. FREE shipping! Save $42!

12 Month Prepay

Get 12 month's of Filled With Gold boxes. FREE shipping! Save $144!


When will my box arrive? 

All boxes are shipped around the beginning of each month and it should take just a few days for yours to arrive on your doorstep via USPS! All orders should be placed by the 11th of the month (your renewal date) in order to receive that month’s box. 

Is there a contract? 

No contract, it’s easy to cancel or pause your membership at any time. 

How do I pause my subscription? 

Just login to your account and press skip, or email us at and we'll adjust your account for you.

When will my card be charged in the future? 

Your card is charged when you first purchase a subscription, or buy a one-time box or a gift. After that all subscriptions will be billed on your renewal date.

How do I cancel?  

We make it easy for you. You can either login to your account and click cancel or you can email us at and we will take care of it for you.

Can I give this as a gift?  

Yes! You can add a subscription to your cart and check “Give as a gift” at checkout. Choose the length of their subscription and whether or not it will automatically renew. You can leave a gift message which we’ll deliver with the box. Be sure that you correctly enter your billing address but THEIR shipping address.

How much is shipping?  

There’s no extra charge for shipping, it’s included in each plan!

Where do you ship? At this time, we ship for free within the US (excludes AK and HI).