My Story

From someone who understands the widow journey

When I was 44, my husband Dave died in his sleep. Overnight I found myself the sole caregiver to our 2 young sons. It was like his death stole my life as I knew it.

I felt like I’d never feel love, joy or purpose again. As a solo parent to our two sons, I gave myself permission to take care of myself first so I could care for my kids.

That moment was a game-changer as I began the work of processing my deep grief and practicing tons of self-care to move our lives forward towards hope.

A new way of living that brings peace and inspiration

As I began the journey of rebuilding my life as a widow and solo-parent, the concept of grief and Kintsugi kept coming into my awareness. The Japanese art of Kintsugi consists of pouring gold lacquer where ceramic vessels have cracked, which rather than hiding damage, illuminates it.

For a time I numbed the pain of my husband’s death by not allowing myself to feel my feelings and also by not taking very good care of needs. Once I started to treat myself with compassion and kindness while also processing the pain and loss I felt, well...I believe the cracked vessel that was my heart started to mend - to “fill with gold” - and I knew healing would come.

Today, I am a remarried widow and live on the beautiful Oregon coast with my husband in this life, Sean.

Your guide to comfort and hope

I wanted to help other women navigate through this unimaginable time, so in 2017 I wrote a book called “Filled with Gold” documenting my experience and sharing how I moved from feeling paralyzed to purposeful.

This led me to create Filled With Gold support boxes for widows. It's a gift specifically designed to support widows with their care and comfort in mind.

Each box is filled with self-care products to encourage widows to deeply care for themselves as they are rebuilding their lives.

In 2021, the Filled With Gold Widow Podcast was launched, sharing stories of hope, grit, healing and strength to support widows in rebuilding and moving forward after the death of a spouse and life partner.

You can move through hard things with a little help. You are not alone - we’re here for you.

“Whatever it is that shatters us, know that we can heal in ways that make us even more beautiful, or in ways that make the light that was always meant to shine through, shine even brighter.”

-Melissa Pierce