A Widow's Memoir

filled with gold book by Melissa Pierce

 Filled With Gold: A Widow's Story

The world was turned upside down when Melissa discovered her husband dead in their home.
She had two sons to take care of, and they needed her support more than ever. In this inspirational memoir, Filled With Gold, Melissa Grahek Pierce invites you into the toughest time in her life as she struggled to make decisions that would bring her the support she needed and give her sons the stable environment they craved.

It’s a welcome read for any widow struggling after the death of a spouse and the challenges of moving forward.




Touching story of one person's journey and self discovery after an unimaginable loss!
This was an intimate, true story written by a very brave author. I would highly recommend it for anyone dealing with loss at almost any level. It has a true heart to the story and it's almost as if you are right there with the author as she takes a journey through life that she never signed up for. Bravo Melissa for finding your true self and sharing your wonderful story! - Mary P.

Excellent and thought provoking!
Thank you, Melissa, for sharing your journey. Your raw honesty and willingness to share your experience is an incredible guide not only for those who have been widowed, but for all who are dealing with grief in its many painful forms. - Laurie

Eye opening!
I loved her honesty and opening up the raw pain one feels. It is a glimpse in to loss that is rarely seen from beginning to the knowledge it will never end. An amazingly strong woman that it seems now knows her power. - Nancy


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