We know you are concerned and care about your loved one, but you don't know what to do...

Send flowers? 

(No, flowers die and they don't need any more reminders of death)

Send a plant? 

(No, plants need to be cared for.  A widow has a hard enough time taking care of themselves)

Send food? 

(No, food just food goes to waste) 

What a widow really needs is support in nourishing and caring for their self so they  may: 

Process grief in a healthy way

Avoid numbing the pain with unhealthy habits

Take care of themselves to care for others

Envision a brighter future

Feel joy again

Feel some peace

Gain confidence

The Filled With Gold box is specifically designed to support widows with their self-care in mind.  Each box is filled with deluxe and thoughtful self-care items encouraging deep nourishment for the body and soul.

Be a Widow Champion!

Choose what box you would like to send to your loved one.