From someone who understands...

When my husband Dave died in his sleep in 2011, it was as if death stole my life as I knew it. I felt like I’d never feel love, joy or purpose again.  As a solo-parent to our two sons, I gave myself permission to take care of myself first so I could care for my kids.  That moment was a game-changer as I began the work of processing my deep grief and practicing tons of self-care to move forward.  

I read books, joined groups, and talked to various people in search of some sort of plan or roadmap to help move me through my grief.  Let me tell you, there is none.  It took time, but I did find that I wasn’t alone and I could experience joy, confidence, and even love again.  

I wanted to help other women navigate through this unimaginable time, so in 2017 I wrote a book called “Filled with Gold” documenting my experience and sharing how I moved from feeling paralyzed to purposeful.  

This led me to creating Filled With Gold subscription boxes.  It's a box specifically to support widows with their self-care in mind.  Each box is filled with self-care products to encourage you to deeply care for yourself during this time when you are rebuilding your life.